How big will the group be?

The maximum number we will take in one group is eight. We believe, that walking in a smaller group is far more pleasant than in a larger group. The service to each individual client from the guide is better, and the group dynamics work best if the group is not too large.

Why Alpine Footprints?

Alpine Footprints prides itself on its professional, yet personal approach and strives do its best to give you a fun, rewarding and memorable experience. Both Kate and Alex have great spirit and are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience in the mountains and the outdoors with others.

What’s included/not included in the price?

See our dates and prices.

Is it possible to book either as an individual or as a group?

Absolutely, yes! Doing the TMB with a group of ‘like-minded’ people is great fun. We can run a trip as soon as we have 4 people booked onto it and will keep to a maximum group size of 8. You can book either as a group or as an individual and meet up with people when you get to Chamonix.

What equipment will I need?

See our kit list.

Do I need walking poles?

The use of walking poles is obviously a personal choice but Alpine Footprints strongly recommend their use for the TMB. There is over 9000m of altitude gain (and loss) over the route and poles can make all the difference. If you do not already own a set of poles, try and get some which will ‘fold’ down into 3 so that they can be attached to a rucsac when not in use. It is also a good idea to have used them a few times before using them for your TMB adventure.

Can I wear trainers?

Most people fair much better wearing lightweight walking boots than wearing trainers. Even in the height of summer we can have snow in the high mountains. If this is the case for the week that you are on the TMB, then trainers will be too cold, and the grip will be inadequate on the muddy descents. The only exception to this may be on the ‘Fast & Light’ trek where we can discuss the use of trail shoes with you. Please ask us before packing.

When is the best time?

For many people there is little choice of timings as you may need to fit into school holiday times. The TMB can usually be attempted from June through to the end of September and it is a brilliant route throughout all of these months. The Alpine flowers are often at their best in June and July and the mountains can be considerably quieter than in the height of August when it can become fairly busy. In the early summer there may, however, still be patches of snow to negotiate on some of the higher passes.
The weather varies throughout the season, so you may equally expect snow or sunshine during any of these summer months.

How do I get to Chamonix?

See our getting there section.

Will I be able to use my mobile phone?

For most of the route there is mobile network coverage. Occasionally, in some of the valleys, coverage is lost for a short time.

Do I need insurance?

Yes! There are many forms of travel insurance, but please make sure you have a policy that will cover you to be flown off the mountains in France, Italy and Switzerland should the worst happen, as well as for any subsequent medical treatment required.

What’s the weather like?

Even in summer, the weather in the mountains can be notoriously changeable. Temperatures may drop to freezing or go up to 35°C in the day. We may experience high winds, sleet or even snow at some of the cols, we may have days of cloud, or uninterrupted blue skies. So please be prepared with sunscreen, thermals and waterproofs.