Family Fun

Get the kids involved ….. and keep them interested!

If you have a young family you may not quite be ready, or your children old enough, to embark on a full trekking adventure. Our Family Fun program allows you to pick a one, two or three day walk in the guise of a ‘Treasure Hunt’ style challenge to keep you and the kids interested, and involved in where you’re going and what you’re seeing.

Our Family Fun trips are guided by a qualified International Mountain leader or can be self guided, giving you and your party clear step by step instructions as to where to go, and what to do, in a fun, involved way.

Trips will be tailor made to suit your party, and ‘challenge cards’ will be tailored for each party member to be sure we get everyone involved.

Our one day trip may be to a nice mountain refuge or picnic spot for a rewarding lunch. Our one and two day trips will normally involve nights in Mountain Refuges, so you will learn (from the challenge cards) about hut etiquette and what to expect.

Some typical descriptions might be;

  • How many different flower species can you see within 100metres of the refuge?
  • From the map, can you work out what the name of the glacier directly across the valley from the refuge is?
  • From the car park to the refuge is 300metres of height gain. Start your clock now, and see how long that takes you?
  • On arriving at the hut, find the reception and check your group in.
  • Find where the boot room is, and show your group where it is.

Contact us for more information and to book your Family Fun.